Analina Moll


As a graduate in Business Administration, I have been working in the field of tax and business consulting since 1995. During this period, our client’s priorities have also been my own.
Together with my firm’s team, I have devoted and will continue to devote time to continual training with the goal of offering our representatives the most suitable and up-to-date advice. The training we receive has always been certified and guaranteed by both universities and public entities.
Assessoria Moll has adapted over time, investing in new technologies that make it possible for us to manage bushiness and tax documentation more effectively and to communicate quickly and easily with the various branches of public administration.
Emphasis should also be placed on my commitment to the administration of justice, given that I form part of the official list of qualified professionals who are willing to serve as legal experts in those cases where independent consulting is needed.
I am deeply proud to head up a solid team of motivated professionals, who help to cordially,
securely, and effectively nurture the entrepreneurial success of those who have placed their trust in us.

Sandra Dols


At Assessoria Moll, we manage every kind of bureaucratic formality and paperwork in order to ensure that our clients can stay completely focused on their business activities. Among our broad range of services, we would like to highlight:
• Insurance
• Patents and trademarks
• Registration of mercantile property
• Regional taxes: inheritance and donations, taxes on capital transfers, etc.
• Paperwork relative to traffic management, municipal offices, and regional revenue offices

Mª Ángeles Catalán

Business activities

Advice on all issues related to a company’s activities. At Assessoria Moll, we offer consultation for all types of business structures: individuals, community assets, associations, and foundations as well as small, medium, and large enterprises.
We guide our clients in the creation and formation of companies.
We offer advice for mercantile contracts and about what to do in the case of any statutory changes. If the time comes, we also manage dissolution and liquidation for companies and businesses.

Margalida Pira


Assessoria Moll offers analysis, research, and planning relative to the tax circumstances and business operations of our clients, with the goal of reducing the tax burden, taking into account all of the alternatives offered by the current legislation. Our objective is to calculate what is due—fairly and correctly—and to manage the presentation of the following formal and tax obligations, along with any that may be established:
• Corporation tax
• Value added tax (VAT)
• Income tax
• Non-resident income tax
• Equity tax
• Economic activities tax
• Equity transfer tax
• Inheritance and donations tax
• Tax agency audits, appeals and complaints
• Presentation and follow-up of appeals and consultations with the tax authorities
• Declaration of capital, property and rights abroad
Our profound knowledge about the tax circumstances of businesses, ombined with any amended returns from previous years, allows us to deal with unwanted,
but still possible, audits by the tax agency. In these situations we are able to utilize all of the mechanisms that the current legislation offers for both citizens and businesses—such as appeals and complaints.

Bárbara Guasp


Accounting is the basis upon which taxation is calculated and it is also essential for getting a true picture of a company’s financial health. A table accounting situation is indispensable if we are looking for new sources of financing.
Accurate and up-to-date financial information enables us to fulfil the formal requirements of the Mercantile Register, and it also helps us to establish adequate and correct tax rates.
Assessoria Moll’s team offers personalized attention, analyzing what would be the company’s best options from multiple perspectives.



We are specialized in different branches of counseling. We cover many services to meet any customer’s needs.


Our extensive work career gives us the necessary experience to solve any problem and help our clients with everything they need.

Clear communication

We explain in detail all the processes to follow and the work we will do with each client. Clear communication is essential.

New technologies

Nowadays, many procedures can be performed in the 2.0 environment. In the advice we work every day this type of bureaucratic procedures.

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